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  • “Thanks for the great kit! I showed it to a few friends (2 doctors and an EMT) and they were VERY impressed.” Read more...
  • “My customized Absorkee kit is a well-organized and compact bag that allowed me to find everything I needed even while seasick in 30-foot seas. I even used the kit as a pillow for many of the 87 nights I spent on the Atlantic.” Read more...
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Wilderness Medical Systems

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional grade emergency medical kits, quality consulting services, and vital resources to those who live, travel, work and/or adventure in wilderness locations.

Dr. Gilbert Preston, M.D.

Founder and medical director of Wilderness Medical Systems, Dr. Preston has practiced primary care medicine in rural Montana for more than twenty years before he returned to academia for training in psychiatry and neuroscience.

Formerly a Professor at the University of Utah Medical School, Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. Preston enjoys backpacking, climbing, and skiing the mountain ranges of the world.

Dr. Preston's book, "Wilderness First Aid", published by Falcon Press, Helena, MT has sold nearly 20,000 copies.

How It All Began
by Dr. Gilbert A. Preston, MD

For most of us, the concept of wilderness has little to do with the notion of access to medical care, and everything to do with the sense that only in wilderness are our spirits truly free. Nevertheless, every time we enter the wilderness, we risk injury, illness, or worse. It took a fairly common injury to my young son to drive home the point about always being prepared.