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  • We will be CLOSED February 18-25, 2014.  All orders placed during this time will be shipped after February 26, 2014.
  • “Thanks for the great kit! I showed it to a few friends (2 doctors and an EMT) and they were VERY impressed.” Read more...
  • “My customized Absorkee kit is a well-organized and compact bag that allowed me to find everything I needed even while seasick in 30-foot seas. I even used the kit as a pillow for many of the 87 nights I spent on the Atlantic.” Read more...
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First aid kit refill service

WMS Kit Hospital™ Processing Charges

Kit Name Processing
Kilimanjaro $30.00 Normal Refill Prices At Cost
Absorkee $30.00 Normal Refill Prices At Cost
Humbug II™ $20.00 Normal Refill Prices At Cost
Denali Plus $20.00 Normal Refill Prices At Cost
Denali $15.00 Normal Refill Prices At Cost
Grasshopper $15.00 Normal Refill Prices At Cost
Dash Plus $10.00
Normal Refill Prices At Cost
Dash $10.00
Normal Refill Prices At Cost

How to Get Refills for Your Kit Using the WMS Kit Hospital™

No-hassle resupply for as long as you own your Wilderness Medical Systems Kit.

  • Concerned about expiration dates on any kit item?
  • Given up trying to find more Tegaderm™?
  • Gave your WMS Flashcards™ to your Sherpa guide?
  • Need more of that WMS Black Tape you used to reattach your scope? (Yes, this actually happened.)

When you purchase one of our kits, you are buying long-term preparedness. We will be happy to help re-supply items for any of our kits for as long as you own it. Simply write, fax, call, or contact us online and let us know what you need.  Or, go directly to Refill Items and select the items you want to purchase.

On the other hand, what if you don't want to count band-aids? Our new WMS Kit Hospital™ service is an easy and convenient way to do this without tearing your kit apart and having to go online to figure out what was originally in the kit.

Ship us your old Wilderness Medical Systems kit, and we will renew it from top to bottom. We'll restock it with items you've used up and put it back into organizational shape.  We can also add new items to bring your kit up to our current specifications.

Without having to spend time going over your kit, the WMS Kit Hospital™ takes the burden of keeping your kit restocked off your shoulders!