Arthur S. Dover, M.D.

Prescription Medications:
Key Component of a Serious Medical Kit

To better serve our customers, Wilderness Medical Systems has affiliated with a specialist in travel medicine: Arthur S. Dover, M.D. of the Tahoe Travel Clinic.

Dr. Dover’s extensive credentials include:

Dr. Dover has practiced primary care medicine since 1975, has traveled extensively, and resided in Latin America. He has advised hundreds of volunteer teams for medical charity missions around the world.

In short, this is the kind of medical expert to have on your side. You can arrange an online or telephone consultation to get medications appropriate to your destination and activities.

Once you complete a health history and itinerary, Dr. Dover can provide appropriate prescriptions for malaria, jet lag, severe bacterial infections, altitude sickness, etc. along with a list of recommended immunizations, customized for your health status and travel plan.

Visit Dr. Dover’s site for a pre-travel health consultation…

If you are not feeling well after returning from your adventure, any number of things can be wrong, from simple to serious. At Wilderness Medical Systems, we suggest you remove the element of doubt and contact Dr. Dover for a post-travel medical consultation.

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*The CDC, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a public health service of the United States.