And how do you stay safe?

Our emergency medical kits help keep you safe until help arrives no matter where you are.

Life’s emergencies happen quickly and without warning…

• Do you live, work or recreate in the outdoors?

• Do you travel?…Maybe to exotic or remote places?

• Are people in your organization always on-the-go?

• Is the the health and safety of your staff a priority?

• Do you want to have a first-class medical kit but don’t have the time or expertise to create one?

If you said, “YES” to any of the above, our emergency medical kits are for you.

No matter where you or your staff are – traveling the world or right at home – keeping yourself and your people safe is vital.

Our emergency medical kits were created for those who understand this.

They are the best on the planet. Period. Therefore, they are not cheap.

Our emergency medical kits:

  • Save you time, money and countless hours of frustration.
  • Can be customized precisely for your needs.
  • Give you the best quality in every detail (bag, supplies, organization, etc.).

You pay for our “been there, done that” medical kit design and construction.

You pay for a medical kit where you can find what you want every time, not just a bag full of stuff.

For people who want to get medical supplies by the pound, there are places for that, but it’s not here. Our emergency medical kits are made for organizations and individuals leading fully engaged lives, who want the best and recognize the worth of well-done product.

Our kits are easy to understand and use. This means that those who have one can respond immediately when something happens, reducing panic and saving time. Sometimes the only thing that matters is that you can respond quickly. Our kits can make the difference between having a minor inconvenience or a huge mess on your hands.

Our kits are designed to help anyone who has one to SOLVE the problem of injury or illness immediately and not contribute to their own panic and stress in the process! No one will have to shake out supplies on the ground to find something, run to the store at midnight, take a 100 mile detour, cut short a trip, or…you get the idea.

If even one day is made better because of having one of our kits, it is worth the investment. Our emergency medical kits meet your needs and those of your organization…No matter where. No matter what… The end result is peace of mind.

Anticipate the worst so you can enjoy the best.

Here’s where you can choose a kit for yourself and your family, confident there is no equal.

Emergency medical kits built to the highest standards


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Praise for Wilderness Medical emergency kits since 1993

Since 1993, 20 years of excellence made in Montana

For over 20 years, people holding the highest standards in selecting their footwear, luggage, optics, vehicles, rifles, and all kinds of expeditionary gear choose Wilderness Medical Systems emergency kits.
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After a lot of research including consulting with physicians, I came to the conclusion that the Wilderness Medical kits were far and away the most comprehensive and practical medical kits commercially available. My Wilderness Medical kit has traveled the world with me from kayaking the high Arctic and crossing the Patagonian Ice Cap, to trekking through the Himalayas.”
– Jim K., New York, NY, USA
Sea Kayaking in Antarctica

Sea Kayaking in Antarctica

How to choose a medical kit for your adventure?

Learn the answers to 4 questions that determine the optimal kit for your circumstances…

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Expertly designed with professional grade supplies for the everyday person

Designed by physician and world traveler Dr. Gil Preston, and continuously refined since 1993, our kits set the standard today.

John S., EMT, during training exercises

John S., EMT, during training exercises

Decisions about how to balance a kit’s weight, portability, useful components, or necessity — all done for you. Relax in the expertise of those who continue to refine what’s packed in these world-class kits.

Tap into the global feedback loop of humanitarian doctors, professional hunting guides, sponsored athletes, university field researchers, Boy Scout troop leaders, prospecting geologists, and more who choose Wilderness Medical kits, put them through real-life trauma, and return with insights on how make them even better. And then we do.  We’re on a mission. Learn our story.