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  • “Thanks for the great kit! I showed it to a few friends (2 doctors and an EMT) and they were VERY impressed.” Read more...
  • “My customized Absorkee kit is a well-organized and compact bag that allowed me to find everything I needed even while seasick in 30-foot seas. I even used the kit as a pillow for many of the 87 nights I spent on the Atlantic.” Read more...

Wilderness Medical Kits For Any Emergency

“Just returned from Darfur, Sudan... wanted to let you know we were thrilled with the Humbug II kit. In particular...”

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Custom Medical Kits

All WMS kits can be customized by adding on components such as a dental emergency module, disposable surgical staplers, or extra SAM Splints. All kits (except the WMS Dash™) include Dr. Gil Preston's WMS Flashcards,™ a compact set of first aid instructions written with the highly-stressed average person in mind, printed on waterproof, tear-resistant paper-like material.  

You can create your own kit from scratch by going to Our Shop and choosing Custom Kits.  Choose a bag and the items you would like, then we will custom pack all the items into your bag.  If there are too many items, we will contact you to see if you'd like a larger bag, or would like to just keep extra supplies in another location. For personal assistance, please call 800-858-7430 or send us a message using our Contact Us form.

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First Aid Kit Refills

When you purchase one of our wilderness medical kits, you are buying into a long-term relationship. We believe that a Wilderness Medical Systems kit is the only emergency first-aid kit you will ever have to purchase.  From the bags that are made to last a lifetime to the high-quality components and organization, we create wilderness medical kits the very best way we know how. We will re-supply items for any of our kits for as long as you own it.

It is essential that all kits be reviewed at least yearly to make sure they are complete.  Sadly, it is often the case that the one thing you used on your last trip is the one thing that you need on your current trip and you forgot to refill the kit!  That is why refillability is something that we believe is crucial to a fully functioning and effective emergency first aid kit.  Wilderness Medical Systems is one of the only companies that offers this service to its clients and makes an effort to contact each client yearly to check on the condition of their kit(s).

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First Aid Emergency Instructions

Even if you've had first aid training (maybe years ago), it's reassuring to have instructions for anything that you don't know or have forgotten about on how to treat wilderness first aid emergencies. Wilderness Medical Systems Flashcards™ are first aid instructions written by Dr. Preston for the highly stressed layperson.  They have a rapid reference on the back, and clear instructions on the safe and effective care of the most common wilderness medical emergencies, printed on waterproof, tear-resistant paper.

Of course, it is essential to understand that when you venture into the wilderness, you must be prepared. Consider wilderness first-aid training (including CPR) as part of your required knowledge for safe enjoyment of the outdoors.  Proper preparation may very well save your trip, if not your life.

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“For most of us the concept of wilderness has little to do with the notion of access to medical care...”

Dr. Preston
Company Founder
“As Captain with a Police Department, Licensed EMT, member of the local Rescue Squad, and adjunct faculty member teaching outdoor leadership/education classes, I have seen my share of emergencies…”

J. L. Francis, M.S.Ed.
Adjunct Faculty, TN